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Our Check IN office from 3pm – 6:30pm is located in the hearth of Zell am See, Turmgasse 1, 5700 Zell am See.

+43 6542 47477

Mobile CHECK IN with Vera

The JustIN Mobile technology allows you to use your smartphone as your room key. The intuitive SALTO JustIN Mobile app enables you to receive your key online, anytime and anywhere. When you arrive at your apartment, you can choose to go straight to your room and receive the room key on your phone, or you can ask for assistance at the reception. It’s up to you!

How to receive my keys on my phone?

You let us know that you will be checking IN late or in case you want to receive the key on your mobile due to your convenience. The easiest way is to drop a short Whats app. If you provided us with your mobile phone number, you can download the KEY APP to your I-Phone: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/justin-mobile/id960998088

The rest is very simple.

1.Push retrieve.

If PUSH notifications are enabled for the app, keys will be retrieved automatically whenever a notification is issued by the cloud. The user doesn’t need to do any additional effort. All the keys available will be displayed in the key selection screen. To proceed onto using any of the keys available, refer to Use Keys. Push Notification Manually retrieve. Besides just waiting for the keys to arrive, users can also explicitly request to check if there are any new keys in the cloud. To do so, swipe the list of keys from top to bottom. This method will be the only way to retrieve new keys if push notifications aren’t enabled.




3. Manual retrieve.

Use keys Once the user selects a key from the available key list, a key detail screen will be shown. There are two kinds of action that a user can do at this point.

3.1 Key Options

Each key has some extra actions associated with it. A user can locate the locks location in a map, contact the installation’s help desk or take a glimpse at the welcome message that our staff personalized for it.




Update Card

3.2 Open Locks Simply tap the green button and follow the instruction to perform an opening in the lock. Card Updated.







3.3 Widget

Access your mobile keys without opening the app using our widget.







4. User settings

Tweak the behaviour of the app to suit your taste changing various configuration settings.

Further questions:

What happens if I change my phone number?

If the application is uninstalled, the information of the verification process will be permanently erased so that the next time the user installs the application this step will have to be performed.

What if I have my mobile phone without reception or just powered off? Will I get the updates?

The short answer of this question is yes, but some points must be clarified. Every key sent from the SALTO application will have the same lifetime as the same update expiration date. For example, if an user expiration expires in 8 hours, this update notification will be able to be delivered within those 8 hours. Otherwise, if the user has the phone without Internet connection or just switched off during that interval, the message will never be delivered once the mobile is switched on or the Internet turned on again.

And will I receive several updates once I switch on my mobile?

No. It doesn’t make any sense to receive several updates since the most important one is always the latest. The mobile application will always receive just the last update notification from the server.