1. The contest has no connection to Facebook or Instagram and is neither sponsored, supported nor organised by it. The recipient of all information, given by the contest participant, is not Facebook but Lukas Nindl, we rent apartments as operator of the we rent Facebook- and Instagram Page (short: “host”). The participation is only possible according to the listed requirements. With the participation, the contestant accepts all requirements unexceptionally. The host has the right to end the contest at any point without preannouncement and without naming any reasons.

2. The registration for the contest starts on the 29.12.2017 at 6:00 pm and ends on 05.01.2018 at 11:59 pm (“Implementation period”).

3. The prize is 3 nights for a max. of 4 persons in our Lake View Suites Villa Julia and is valid 1 year. Following dates for encashing the prize are excluded 3.2. – 4.3.18 & 24.3.-8.4.18 & 1.7.18 – 30.08.18. & 22.12-6.1.19

4. The registration for the contest requires liking the post, commenting it or submit our contact form on www.we-rent-apartments.com

5. Comments, which contravenes against Facebook or Instagram-guidelines, Austrian law, our netiquette and/or the copyright, will be deleted after noticing and without preannouncement. The participant is therewith excluded from the contest.

6. Entitled to participate are people, who are at least 18 years old at the day of the participation and who are a Facebook/Instagram “Fan” of we rent zell kaprun. People become such a “Fan” through the usage of the “Like”-Button on the pages. Not entitled to participate are employees, authorised representatives, successors, delegates from Lukas Nindl, we rent apartments, involved agencies, or relatives.

7. The contest drawing takes place after the contest is expired, under the exclusion of the public and guaranteed according to the random principle.

8. The winner will be announced in the comment function of the contest post. Winners need to send their contact- and address data to Lukas Nindl, we rent apartments within 1 workdays (after announcement). In case the winner does not confirm the prize within these two days, the winner loses any entitlement without compensation. Afterwards another winner is elected according to the same principles as before. An obligation to accept the prize does not exist.

9. In case personal data from the participant is collected for the contest, the host only collects the data for the implementation of the contest. The participant agrees to these requirements. The participants can withdraw the approval at any time through letter, fax or email. The participant is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data sent.