we rent – guest log in

Necessary online check in

We rent guarantees 24/7 access to your booking. Our guest can view their booking details including the status of Online Check In and payment whenever they want. Further you can organise your stay on site and use our internal chat to get in contact with us. Don´t hesitate to fill in the compulsory online Check In and retrieve all your information: In this way we can guarantee quick and easy access to your apartment and this all 24h before arrival. Register now:

Payment & booking status

As we work with highest security standards, it can happen that credit card payments can be declined by the operator. The authorising bank is asking for double verification, which might was not offered by your booked portal. In the Check In Log In from above you can easily update your credit card details. Due to this process, you can consume and pay your services on site at highest security standards.

24/7 Chat & information

During you booking you will ask yourself many questions. We have already answered most of them with your booking confirmation and linked them in our frequently asked questions here. Of course, you can reach us anytime for all further issues. In the Check In Log In from above you can use our chat and put information regarding your arrival and departure time. So we can guarantee a stressless vacation and a unforgettable holiday experience!